Traders trading in Excise products and are registered in SEED can request to have access to the Excise Movement Control System (EMCS) to be able to accept and/or dispatch Excise movements to other EU countries online.

What you'll get

Access to the EMCS modules in the Customs Electronic System.


Traders who are established in Malta and and registered in SEED can request to have access to the EMCS.

How to apply

Fill in the online form.

Traders registered with Customs Department may apply for remote access to the available online Customs Applications.

At least one of the trader’s employees must have attended training courses organised by Customs for the requested account of the respective application.

Note that all traders need to log in with their eID so as their personal details are prefilled for them.

Once all requisites are fulfilled the trader may submit the application.

It is very important that the electronic form is completed correctly so that there are no delays in the processing of the application form.

The user immediately receives a notification to confirm his acceptance.

When this form is successfully processed the Customs Department will issue and email the trader with his or her user name and a temporary password to access the module requested.

If the request is rejected, the trader is notified explaining the reason of rejection. In this case a fresh application would be required if the trader decides to re-apply.