The licence/warrant is issued by the Periti Warranting Board. An architect assumes responsibility for the design and, or, construction of building works, including works in architecture and civil and structural engineering –  including the responsibility under Art 1638 of the Code of Civil Law, Chapter 16  and Article 97 (o) of the Code of Police Laws, Chapter 10.

What you'll get

Perit warrant.


In the case where the candidate has not had any practical experience, and intends to obtain such experience in Malta, the Board will provide guidance on the supervised practical training required, including the recommended experience record book, which is required to satisfy the requirements of the Law for the award of the Warrant. When undergoing supervised practical training, the candidate shall list the work carried out under the supervision of a warranted 'perit', during a specific period, in the Experience Record Book, and obtain the endorsement of the supervising warranted 'perit' for such entry. The recommended Experience Record Book may be obtained from the offices of the Warranting Board.

The necessary qualifications for a candidate to be considered for the award of a Warrant are defined in the provisions of Articles 3 and 4 of the ‘Periti’ Act, Chapter 390 of the Laws of Malta.

The necessary academic qualifications will normally be obtained after successful completion of a course of studies, of at least 4 year duration, (at the University of Malta, or at any other formally recognised institution), covering those core subjects, as defined by the schedule published in Legal Notice 39 of 2002, or subsequent amendments thereof.

For candidates who do not immediately satisfy these requirements, the academic qualifications will be assessed by the Warranting Board in terms of the provisions of Section 3(2)(d)(i) or Section 4 of the ‘Periti’ Act, and relative subsidiary legislation.

How to apply

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